Photo Gallery

Below are pictures of event from the past couple years!  It is our hope that the joy experienced in these pictures spreads to you and puts a smile on your face!  We look forward to making more memories and sharing them with you here in our Photo Gallery! 

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"God Loves the Arts Camp!"

JUNE 11th - 14th - 2018


1st M.O.M.S. Motherhood Support Gathering

M.O.M.S. Devotional Speaker: Wanda Aaron - Hollywood Church Secretary
Guest Speaker - Allison Morton - WIC Breastfeeding Specialist 
Thank you to our speakers and to the Pitt Community College nursing students for all their help




Baby Pantry & Nursery Grand Opening

November 4th. 2017

Baby Pantry Shower 

November 4th, 2017




















Children & Youth
Fall Gathering! 

October 27th, 2017

 National Back to
 Church Sunday!

September 17th, 2017


American Heritage Girls

Baby Pantry Packing Party! 
Septermber 16th, 2017 

Christian Karaoke Night

@ The Wright School of Music
September 15th, 2017
National Back-to-Church Weekend! 

God Loves the Arts Camp! 

First Annual Camp!
June 19th - 23rd 

Youth Mission Trip

Yard Sale Fundraiser
August 20th, 2017