Mission Statement
"Caring for young parents in our community by providing essential goods and a network of helpers"
Vision Statement
"The Lifetime of Joy Baby Pantry will demonstrate the heart of Christ for babies and their parents, occasioning a happier parenting experience by: (1) providing essential goods for baby care, (2) fostering healthy relationships with other parents, and (3) bringing together community services"
How To Apply
 1.) Make an appointment
Call Hollywood Church at 252-756-1350 or email the baby pantry staff at lojbabypantry@gmail.com
All first time visitors will receive diapers and wipes no questions asked!  You will also receive a folder
with information about the pantry, the application process, how to get involved, and how to connect with other resources in our community for young children.

2.) Fill out application 
finishing filling out the application and prepare to show the following documents: Drivers liscense, Birth Certificate of Chidlren, proof of need (wic, foodstamps, or medicaid info), and proof that you live in pitt county.

3) Schedule a follow up appointment
Call Hollywood Church to set up a "follow up appointment"

Volunteer Opportunities
The Baby Pantry Staff and Motherhood Support leadership is ALWAYS looking for volunteers.  There are a variety of ways that you can help!  Here is a list of some of the ways you can help:

organize the pantry during the week
make packs for families receiving assistance
help as a nursery nanny during meetings and events
lead a devotion during a MOMS meeting
be a guest speaker or teacher for a MOMS meeting
collect donations
help to organize fundraisers and baby pantry supply drives 
help to spread the word about the baby pantry and motherhood support initiative to the community

email the baby pantry staff at lojbabypantry@gmail.com to request more information
Volunteer training is also available for those interested in getting more involved!


Sept. 21st @ 10:30am
Located at Hollywood Church
Snacks, Fellowship, and Activities for MOMS

Childcare provided if needed! Please email us a lojbabypantry register your child
for childcare during the meeting. (Must be registered at least one day prior to the gathering, thank you!)

SO, we want to offer a hand - and our hearts, and to give you hope for more joy!

The Lifetime of Joy Baby PAntry was so-named because we are pro-life, meaning, we care about unborn babies. But more than that; we are pro-lifetime - we care about babies (and their parents) AFTER children are born! And we wanted the name of the baby pantry to show that we care about life, and joy, and about babies, and parents.

We DO care. Plus, we genuinely believe that we can help the parenting experience to be more joyful AND effective. So we put our love and our faith into action
                              1) By easing a little of the financial strain on young families, providing                                   diapers, wipes, and other baby care products to young parents;

2) By pulling together communityresources to deliver coaching,
counseling, and teaching (etc) for young parents;

3) By forging relationships with peer-parents AND other, 'older'
moms and dads who have experience - and a heart to help young parents.

changing diapers, you know, we're changing lives!"
"Let's work together, and make something special. Because, after all - we're not 

At Hollywood Church, we have a passion for joy - REAL joy - and strive for it, and wish it for everyone! But we realize how difficult a struggle it can be to maintain joy with the stresses of parenting, working, and providing for young children in a growing family.

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Visit the Hollywood M.O.M.S. page for information about motherhood support!