Welcome to Hollywood!

A word about the people you will meet at Hollywood.: we are an imperfect bunch - some of us more than others! But, we DO share a sense of wonder at a perfect God and His unfolding of life's big plan; that's what we talk about 'most all the time, in one way or another.  Plus, as we learn more and more about God and His plan, we believe ourselves to be experiencing a stumble-forward life that is grace-motivated.  Our awareness of the universal need for mercy helps us bear with each other's flames, but more, it makes us grateful that God is so free with it - and that He shares it with us.

We value you - TRULY! There are lots of places you could be besides....here.  So, before you came, some have been praying and hoping your experience her would be a positive and uplifiting one, and that you would be encouraged and helped.  (We'd be glad to arrange a get-together with you should you want to further investigate anything you hear or learn or have questions about.)

You yourself are perhaps pondering spiritual and deeper personal matters; most of us are, too.  If so, or if you are just curious and inquisitive or investigative, we wish you'd risk exploring a few relationships with others in their own quests - US! Together...discovering God's design - His design for you, His design for us - is a fabulous incentive that motivates us here at Hollywood.

Truth be told, we feel quite sure that this is the place for you if you are looking for meaning and purpose in life.  Why do we believe such?

Because more and more are finding it here. Come and join us; there's more ahead. 

Hollywood Church--"Prayerfully Moving Forward Together, Sharing the Heart of Christ"

History of the Church 

  Hollywood Presbyterian Church has rich roots that go back to the 1920's when a Sunday School was established alont the "New Bern Highway" (then a dirt road) by folks from the First Presbyterian Church in Greenville.
   On May 9th, 1943, Hollywood Presbyterian Church was chartered by the Albemarle Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church U.S.  The land on which the church's physical facilities now sits was donated by Miss Annie Carroll, a school teachers, deeply concerned about the young people in this part of Pitt County.
    The original sanctuary was two-room Hollywood School which was no longer operational after the opening of Chicod School.  Today, that section of the sanctuary is what compromise the chancel and choir/music areas.  In 1946, the church was enlarged with the addition of the sanctuary which extended out to the edge of Hwy 43. This sanctuary seated about 140 people.
     The Carroll-Tyson Fellowship hall was built in 1972 and a fou Classroom addition was added in 1979.  The kitchen is modern and well-equipped.  The dining area can accommodate up to 150 people.  it is the home of many activities throughout the week.
      On May 9th, 1993, the 50th Anniversary celebration of the establishment of Hollywood Presbyterian Church, ground was broken for complete renovation of the sanctuary and an education/administration addition connecting the main sanctuary with the Carroll-Tyson Fellowship Hall.  The work was completed in December, 1993 and on February 6, 1994, the congregation gathered with friends from afar and former Pastors as the new facilities were gratefully dedicated to God.  Since the dedication,  additions of a gallery, carport drive thru, playground and the paving of the South Parking lot has been completed for the glory of God.  
     On November 18th of 2017 Hollywood officialy opened the newly constructed Baby Pantry and Nursery! It will be used to serve the community throughout the year and to support moms and families with young children. 



  Hollywood Joins the EPC 

  (Evangelical Presbyterian Church)
    In 2015, Hollywood petition the PCUSA, of which it had been of member since the beginning, to leave and affiliate with the EPC.  This decision was made because, the beliefs of our church were more conservative and evangelical then many of those held in the PCUSA, and the direction of the EPC to be missional was shared by the leadership of Hollywood.  
    We are thankful God has allowed us to come into a place where we have felt 'right at home with' from the time we got here, and we are thankful to the PCUSA  for a gracious dismissal.
If  you would like to learn more about the EPC church please, visit their website at https://www.epc.org/about